room with a view

room with a view

It’s been a good day and I continue to feel better and better.  Apart from the need for a bit of Morphine at 3am for the last few days’ pain has been under control and I have started to drink as much as I can.

My goal at the moment is to get to over 1000 calories which is only challenging because of coughing fits I have after a few mouthfuls and the fact that I can’t get anything thicker than chocolate milk down my throat, but it is getting better and they may even let me try mashed potatoes today, hooray.

I am a lot more focused on it today after looking at myself in the mirror last night, it is weird how sudden weight loss affects you, you would hope it would take the fat from your stomach first and then slowly move around and take all the fat that looks bad away. unfortunately whats happened is I still have the fat on my belly but around my shoulders it looks like I have just come out of some sort of torture and all I can see is bones. It’s really weird. (sorry too much information I am sure)

Anyway onwards and upwards and feeling full of energy, I don’t know if it is a real medical result or just a trick of the brain but now a good chunk of this cancer is removed the lethargic feeling I have had for the past 6 mths to a year does not seem to be as bad. I am sure when I hit Chemo and Radiation that will change but for the meantime I will enjoy it.

I think that is enough from me today, again thanks so much for the support that people have given and if you want to come and visit please feel welcome. If you do come please don’t feel you need to bring any gifts (although thanks to those that did).

Till the next time…