Well a New Year is here, and my simple goal for the year is to-do everything I can to increase my odds in the struggle against Cancer.

As Christmas was the third week of my Chemo Cycle it meant that I was looking forward to feeling pretty normal and spending quality time with family and friends. It started well with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day being fun with the right balance of excitement and rest. However on 26th all remaining plans needed to be put on hold as I found myself in hospital with COVID!

Covid presented itself like Sepsis for me, so everyone took it very serious until it was clear that I had COVID. Once this had been established I got on the right medication, was discharged from hospital and spent a few days overcoming it. It was not too bad the main challenges were caused by me not being able to swallow and complications caused by that when coughing etc… from the COVID.

Covid also meant a delay in my treatment by a week, so instead of starting my 5th round of Chemo on 28th December, I started on 4th January which meant at least I got to watch the fireworks on TV with Zoe to see in the New Year!

So here I am today, still in my first week of my Chemo Cycle feeling like Shit, but looking forward to feeling better over the next week and enjoying the last week of January with family and a few days up the coast before I start my final round of Chemo!

Thanks again for all messages of support to me and to the family and I hope to be spending a lot more of 2024 out of the four walls of my bedroom.