I work within businesses to define and implement digital and IT strategy which delivers positive bottom line results.  I am qualified to-do this having worked as a senior manager or program manager for media companies such as HarperCollins, News Digital Media, Fox Entertainment, News Limited and Random House over the past 16 years.

People call on me when:

  • Need business change implemented in a tight timeframe
  • Need process change made to their digital publishing or distribution practices
  • Need help formulating and implementing Digital, IT or new business strategies
  • Need experienced management onboard to work through complex issues with internal and/or external stakeholders


  • Digital and Information Technology professional with extensive experience in media
  • Results driven, energetic leader with highly developed analytical and complex problem solving skills
  • Experienced in establishing high performance teams
  • Successful track record in developing, communicating and implementing strategic initiatives specifically in the areas of digital publishing, information technology and supply chains

All up I have 15 years’ experience in publishing and 19 years’ experience in systems management and digital innovation.


Currently live in Sydney. Born in Auckland, New Zealand where I lived until I came to Sydney to work in 2000.

My passions in life are

  • My family in Greece,
  • Sport (actively play Basketball and Tennis)
  • Travel
  • The Media
  • New Technology


at work: +61 407 214 098

on email: spiros@kotsialos.com

via twitter: kotsialos

via facebook: spiros kotsialos

via skype: spiroskotsialos