Had the Nasogastric tube removed yesterday, although I was a little apprehensive if it would help with the Phlegm issue and swallowing it had a major effect? Within 4 hours of it being removed phlegm had removed dramatically and I was able to drink!!! I went crazy and had 5 little apple juices, some soup, chocolate milkshake (100ml) and even some Lemon & Lime Schweppes not to mention that I swallowed all my pills. Didn’t even have morphine which takes away the point of evening being here in hospital really 🙂

So all in all the very best day of being in the hospital.

From a visitors perspective, please feel free to come and say hello, still can’t really talk for long but am physically up to it. Also, message me on Skype, Email or Facebook if you want.

Can’t say how relieved I am and current indications are out of hospital by the end of the week, HOORAY!!