tshirtYesterday was a relatively good day where I managed to eat mashed potato (amazing I know!) and went for a walk beyond level 10 of St Vincent’s hospital which was even more exciting. Unfortunately I probably pushed it a bit too far and struggled through the night and woke up a bit worse for wear but a bit of Morphine and other pain killers and I feel good to make even more progress today.

The doctor has said that they should be able to get me out of here on Saturday morning, although Friday is still a possibility.

Hopefully I get to meet with the Radiation / Chemo doctor today to clarify details of the next stage, the way I understand it at the moment is even though I have struggled after this last operation I should be still on track to start Chemo around the 26th October.

Anyway, happy and would love to have visitors so don’t be shy if you’re in the neighbourhood.

Also someone sent me this awesome and for the staff here entertaining t-shirt. I can’t work out who sent it so if you could tell me who it was it would be great.