So to recap, went to the surgeon last Wednesday for a check-up, a Pet Scan on Thursday, Confirm Cancer on Friday, Biopsy on Monday, Head and Neck clinic on Tuesday.

After all this we are now at a point of having a probable path for treatment although there are a few things to iron out before all finalised.

So the probable path is that on 6 October I will have a major operation. The operation will be a laryngectomy which is the surgical removal of the larynx, also called the voice box. At the same time they will remove part of my tongue and epiglottis.

Things that are outstanding before this comes final is to

– Investigate if at all possible to-do some Immunotherapy before operation
– Possible additional biopsy to see the extent of cancer spread on tongue
– Further surgeon reviews

Over the coming days there will be discussions with various experts to better understand the options that are available, why some are not available and to better understand the process of talking through my throat.

The coming few weeks before the operation I will focus on giving the girls the best school holidays they have ever had and spending as much time as possible just talking and closing off things that I can before I go through a period of being in hospital and mute.

This is clearly personally a difficult time, I have lost a lot over the last 14 months, but I am also more and more aware of how much more there is to lose so will be doing everything possible to make sure I survive this shit and continue to be more and more thank full for what I have got.

Hopefully over the coming weeks I have news that changes the path above, but this is where it is at the moment.