So after a few months away and now making an announcement professionally about where I am at, here is a quick update on where the cancer is at.

As of Wednesday 13-9 it looks like I likely have Cancer again. Thursday they will do a PET scan and then have a Biopsy scheduled for Monday. If it is cancer the probable treatment will be to remove my larynx (voice box) obviously all fingers and toes are crossed in the hope this is not the case but that is where things currently sit.

I have had an increasingly sore throat over the past 4 weeks which is why I got it checked out. I still continue to suffer from not being able to physical eat, fatigue, saliva, etc… but nothing new there.

Will keep people updated here for those interested, won’t bombard Facebook, Instagram etc… with updates and just wanted to set this post-up so I could quickly update everybody without having to send a bunch of messages out.

Feel free to message me though, just please understand if I am slow to respond.

UPDATE: 15 September

  • PET scan results shows Cancer, looks localised to Throat (epiglottis, near back tongue) progressing ahead with Biopsy on Monday.

UPDATE: 18 September

  • Biopsy done, nothing too much to report a bit of blood a bit of chocking but all good.

QUICK UPDATE: 19 September

  • I will do a full post sometime in the next 24hrs as to the detail,  but at the moment looks like operation on 6 October to remove epiglottis, some tongue, voice box.  Over the next few days will have some more appointments and maybe a another biopsy Friday.
  • Full update click here