leavingA very exciting day for me as I finally get out of the hospital. All that needs to happen is the doctor needs to clarify some stuff with my dental scans and subscriptions filled for all the various medications that I am on.

Even though I am leaving the last 24 hrs has proven that I still have a way to recover, these are the challenges I am trying to overcome in the short term to-do that:

  • Stop waking up at 3 am in the morning and needing Morphine or the equivalent
  • Sleep longer periods than my 6 week old which is 5 hours
  • Consume more than 2800 calories in a day (will be a lot easier when I can chew)
  • Be able to take a 20 minute light walk without being exhausted

All of the above I hope to achieve by Wednesday next week, we will see how I go.

The other thing that has been good to get back too are some light stress-free projects.

Now I am out I will be really keen to catch-up with as many friends as possible. Unfortunately I won’t be in a position to get to you so if you have some spare time over the next few weeks and you would like to drop in and say hello feel very welcome and don’t be shy. As a bonus, you can also say hi to our new baby Lexi and laugh at how cute Zoe is at the moment. The only thing I ask in return is to heap praise on how great my wife has been J

Till the next post which will hopefully be written from home!