So I finally got out of the hospital and made it home. It was a very exhausting day as I settled in but was very good to have some sleep in my own bed.

Unfortunately, being released from hospital does not mean that I am better and the poor family was exposed to the amount of coughing, spluttering and pain I express throughout the day and night. I think this was confronting as everyone was very anxious to help even though on the most part there was nothing they could do.

Yesterday I defined some goals I wanted to achieve by the 7th. Here is my progress

  • Stop waking up at 3 am in the morning and needing Morphine or the equivalent – Failed
  • Sleep longer periods than my 6 week old which is 5 hours – Failed
  • Consume more than 2800 calories in a day – Got to 1000 calories!
  • Be able to take a 20 minute light walk without being exhausted – Failed

Looking forward to stabilising today and enjoying Zoe and Lexi a little more today