Well its been well over three months since my last update and it feels like its been a real busy time with many ups and downs, too many to mention all here and the overall summary ends up in a similar place to where I was when I wrote the last update.

I suppose the big news from the cancer front is that they did discover more cancer in my throat on February 1 after being alerted to something wrong when I coughed up some blood. Obviously not ideal, but something I kind of felt was coming after feeling pretty down for most of January. The result of the new cancer was two operations, not near as extreme as the first but still enough to give me a bloody sore throat especially on the 2nd where the initial recover was very difficult.

Both procedures involved using a “laser” on my throat and for the first time they also went as far as the voice box which was affected and it hurts to talk. (although this is not anticipated to last)

I am now ladened with lots of new drugs and painkillers to manage the recover which is anticipated to take a few more weeks yet to resolve.

Most other health related stuff stays the same, still lots of saliva (but it is improving), not able to swallow (not sure if this is improving), still take all food and water through a tube.

my work

Although a lot has been happening here, I don’t have much to say. In summary the year started bad, overwhelmed mainly created by being let down by someone and then the cancer operation but things have improved greatly, we have new people on board and Amanda Maclean has come on-board and had an immediate impact for both our customers and taking the pressure off me, which I really needed.

Reconnecting with the world

Because of the voice and the pain, I have not been in a position to talk or not have visitors so things have regressed on this front. I am slowly learning to be more concise 🙂 and trying to talk a lot less so we will see how I go.


There truly are some amazing people out there and continue to feel very thankful!