Hello all, its been a longtime since I updated this blog, it is amazing how when you start to feel better you fall straight back into the life of being busy.

I write this while sitting on my balcony in Greece at 10am in the morning, looking out at the view, with the sun on my back and while my cousin with down syndrome watches on in a unsettling way.

I am in Greece as a final 40th present to myself (and if I am honest more so from my wife who let me :-). The present was to spend as much time as I could with people close to me, this involved some functions in Auckland, Sydney and Greece. I saw it as a way of celebrating the fact that I had been cancer free for six months and was finally able to drink some alcohol even if it was just beer.

I am feeling pretty good now, still have a sore throat from time-to-time and have some minor difficulty with eating but all in all my health is great. The doctors have been happy and have put on about 10 kilos since January.

Have been doing a lot of work over the past five months and have been guilty of falling back into things without prioritising whats important first. On a daily basis I seem to be getting a lot of things done but when I look back at the week I have not achieved what I want to.

My time here in Greece has been a good chance to think about that and whats next. I have spoken with people, visited the graves of recently departed, read a bit, caught up on the socials and observed a lot of people who live here who are both lonely and happy.

What does it all amount to? I am not sure, but what I do know is that am determined to do some things that matter over the next five years.