Nothing much to report as pretty much all I did yesterday was two things; Sleep and visit the dentist. From the exhausting day before I seemed to just sleep all morning until about 2pm when Alan and Elisa came to visit which was great.

Had a visit to the hospital to see the dentist which is never fun and this was no exception but the good news was my teeth should be in pretty good condition for the upcoming radiation treatment. I am told though that during after the treatment I can expect my teeth health to deteriorate.

The only other thing on the health front is Thrush seems to have settled in which is annoying. What this means is I have a thin white coating on the tongue and at certain times when I do things like drink some water I get this sharp stinging pain on my tongue. I have some medication so hopefully this will help.

Today I hope to get a little more active today and learn a few techy things.

Goal Progress

  • Sleep longer than 5 hours in a row – sleep is up, continuous sleep is issue
  • Put on 2 kilos (77 kilos) – Weight steady but ate more today than ever before
  • Eat more than just puree foods – not tried yet
  • Get up-to-date with my paperwork – today hope to make good progress