Not much to post today except that there has been a continued problem with the stomach which is stopping me from eating much, giving me a sore stomach and other things related to poo that I won’t go into. Anyway upshot is off to hospital tomorrow for some stomach x-rays. My surgeon is pretty confident as to what is causing it so hopefully that will be confirmed and a fix will be forthcoming.  

To be honest the weight thing is really starting to get to me now, its hard to believe that it was only a few months ago when I was afraid I was going to hit the big 90 kilos and today I am hoping to get back to 75 kilos.

I am also a little worried after watching the All Blacks and Australia play this weekend. Australia look like they actually have a team that could win and the All Blacks need some serious improvement quickly!!

On a more positive note at least I am now in a position where I can eat more and my throat is feeling a lot better and the pain is much better. I even chewed some lamb yesterday!

And while on that positive note its been exciting to see how quickly Lexi Lambroni is already starting to have a personality all of her own and Zoe continues to amaze me with how she manages to be so smart and cute all at the same time.

Looking forward to a good week ahead.