So started my Chemo / Immunotherapy on 5th October and hit me much harder than I expected.  For the first week I was just feeling bad, numb fingers and toes and just felt like crap, then I started to feel better.

But on the 13th my lips started to swell, I started to get rashes and itch on my elbows and other places, then I started to feel better.

But on Sun 22nd late afternoon I started to feel unwell, an hour later I was shivering with a slight temperature.  Kirsten concerned rang the Oncologist and said if it got worse to go to emergency.   My temperature eased a bit and I thought all was good and then the shivering started again, I thought all would be good again,  Kirsten clearly disagreed with me and smartly started to prepare for a hospital trip even though I was insisting all was ok.    Then things started to snow dive and before I knew it Kirsten was rushing me to hospital while I was rocking like a baby in the passenger seat, on arrival they wheelchaired me from the car and started treating me for Sepsis.

The next 8 hours was pretty full on as they filled me with lots of fluids and drugs in both arms and carried out a number of tests and scans as they progressively worked to get my temperature down and my blood pressure up.   I am extremely thankful to the St Vincents emergency department that worked as a team to rapidly get onto the problem.  The skill, care and communication from everybody was excellent.

So that was Sunday and since then I have been in hospital recovering and been on a steady cause of intravenous Antibiotics.  I am feeling a lot better now and hope to be released in the coming days and looking forward to an uneventful few weeks.

Also the good news is that this should not overly affect the next round of Chemo, and have learnt the valuable lesson of going to the hospital when my wife tells me too 😊.