Some would say that creativity is not a problem for me, but after reading this article 15 Common Places That Can Inspire Your Creativity it got me thinking what places bought out my creativity.

Although I didn’t share too many things in common with the person who wrote the article,  there were some that we did agree on but most we did not so I though I would list mine.

Here are my top 5

A completely different setting

To name a few; New York, Bowral, Blue Mountains and Kastania (a small village in Greece). I find when I change my environment completely so does my thought process, so often solutions to problems appear in my thoughts when I find myself in a completely new environment.  For me this only happens when I am in a new environment for days not hours and have enough to get comfortable with your surrounding and relax into it.

Bookstores (only the good ones)

There is nothing like going through a bookstore where the owner has spent the time making sure that a variety of thought invoking books are on display.  If your every wondering what I mean go to Readings in Melbourne or Ariel Books in Sydney

Sitting on the bus

I don’t know why but for some reason when I am sitting on the bus watching the world go by things come to me,  I think it is the combination of having time to focus on things that you are seeing as well as the downtime.

Bars by myself

Not that I spend much time at bars by myself, but on occasion if I am travelling in a new country or a friend is just late to turn-up I find my mind wandering off, and more often or not sending myself a reminder of an idea to follow-up later

Art Museums

I think this is a creative place because your surrounded by creativity and it rubs off, I love just walking through looking at art or preferably photographs and thinking about the circumstances of the art as opposed to the art itself.