Sorry for not doing an update over the last few days.The news since my last update has been good.

This of course is obvious after such a great game by the All Blacks against the French. After watching a game that Australia did not deserve to win I am feeling pretty good about a cup victory however previous world cup experience tells me that I should not be too confident!  
On my front things continue to progress well and I am now eating a good 2000 – 3000 calories a day so am gaining weight and am in general feeling a lot better. The main issues at the moment is intermittent nerve pain and bouts of feeling very tired.

Today was the next stage in my treatment with the start of seven weeks of radiation. The nurses and doctors tell me that I won’t really feel the negative effects of it for a couple of weeks which is great.

The actual treatment for those that are interested is quick, efficient and painless. It works like this:

  • Turn up to the clinic and scan your card just like you would at a gym 
  • They call you into the room where they use the mould created previously to lock you down to the table. This is tight and uncomfortable but not too bad. 
  • They do a quick mini CT scan to check everything lines up and then they start the machine 
  • The machine is like an X-ray things rotate around you for about 5 minutes 
  • They lower the table down and your done 

till the next time…