Things are on the improve over the past few days and feel like I am getting more food into me. I still having a few issues with the stomach but that is also starting to feel a lot better. The doctor is unsure of what is causing the stomach pains after the x-ray I had on Monday, so further blood tests have been taken.

Yesterday I went for orientation for my Radiation where they took a cast of my face, gave me a CT scan and took me through the process. The cast is to make sure I am in the same spot for each one of my treatments. The process of getting it is not painful but was awkward for me as when they lay me down I couldn’t help but fill up with phlegm that made it hard to breath.

The process from here as I understand it is they take the new CT scan, the previous PET scan overlay them and create my radiation treatment plan. The actual treatments will be every weekday for seven weeks starting on Tuesday next week. I will meet with the doctor every Thursday to review progress. I will also continue to meet occasionally with the throat surgeon.

It’s also been really good to have a few friends visiting over the past few days and lifts the spirits.