Yesterday I was reminded that I still have some way to go as I prompted my first ever emergency call for an Ambulance.

I had had some stomach pains through the day and because of that had not eaten much. Determined to have a good dinner I worked through as much mashed potato, mashed Salmon soaked in butter and dill sauce as I could. When finished I started to get pain in my stomach and then neck. Although this was sore it did not initially concern me, I lay on the bed and waited for the pain to subside.

Much to my surprise the pain did not subside at all, the intensity grew, I started to sweet, the world around me started to get groggy. I quickly called for Kirsten to watch out for me but then all I could do was groan and quickly got to to the position where I did not think I could maintain consciousness.

Knowing that I had enough pain killers in me that this pain should not be so intense, not thinking that I was going to be able to stay lucid and not being able to effectively communicate with Kirsten I groaned Ambulance and Kirsten who was already thinking in that direction made the call.

As luck would have it about 10 minutes after the call was made the pain started to subside and by the time the ambulance arrived I was starting to come back to some sort of normality and felt stupid for involving them at all.

Needless to say I am a bit gun shy at the moment and am making some changes to my diary to include more water, less food more often and eating more Yogurt. If I am not feeling a lot better by the end of today will also seek more help in the way of medicines.

Anyway that was my Friday evening. Its been a restless night and although I did not get to see much of it the All Blacks them and I seem to be up for the same thing today which is resting and reflecting on how we can improve.

Better day today I am sure, the sun is out and the weekend is here.