Yesterday I probably pushed it a bit far and was really feeling sore last night and even more so this morning.  What was I doing? Juliet made a visit in the morning which was great, Had breakfast, lunch and dinner, made very quick trip to Harvey Norman and Bunnings (Kirsten drove) to make a decision on my next mobile phone and much needed supplies. Even though the trip was less than an hour by the end of it I was exhausted. 

So today it will be all about resting this morning before a trip to the dentist in the afternoon.

Progress on short-term goals:

  • Stop waking up at 3 am in the morning and needing Morphine or the equivalent – PASSED 
  • Sleep longer periods than my 6 week old which is 5 hours – very close 
  • Consume more than 2800 calories in a day – Got upto 1500 Calories! 
  • Be able to take a 20 minute light walk without being exhausted – REACHED! 

So its time to make new goals till next Tuesday which is when I meet for the plan on the radiation treatment

  • Sleep longer than my 6 week old which is 5 hours in a row 
  • Put on 2 kilos (77 kilos) 
  • Eat more than just puree foods 
  • Get up-to-date with my paperwork 

Thanks every ones for continued support, hope to touch base with as many people as possible before I start Radiation in less than 2 weeks.