Hi all – no visitors tonight. 

Today the surgeon had a look down Spiros’ throat to check on progress. The good news is the throat is healing well, however the process of putting a strobe down his throat was very painfull and Spiros can’t talk again until his throat has rested a bit. There is still a lot of mucus sitting in the throat not clearing so Spiros  has a new swallowing technique to practice which may help. There is also a chance the feeding tube is causing new complications and the mucus issue  so he will have a X-ray to check that out later today. Surgeon is confident next week he will be able to come home but not sure when. The visit to the surgeon was tiring, it’s best no visitors tonight as he can’t talk and just wants to rest but over the weekend I think he will enjoy the company. As per usual just drop myself and Spiros a text if intending to visit. K