Got the ZAGG Slim Book for Ipad Air 2 today from Cuzin. Being a gadget freak always excited to get some new hardware.

This is what I like so far.
– Packaging was great came ready to go and felt like I had purchased the right kit

– It is a stable platform to type from and the keys feel great

– Was easy to configure and had it working within 2 minutes of taking it out of the box

– taking the keyboard component off is easy and does not take that much effort

– feels secure and acts as a good case

This is what I don’t like so much
– the hinge is rigid which is great, but feels awkward when opening up the iPad to use quickly.

– the keyboard is definitely much smaller than standard which makes it awkward to type, but you can’t do anything about that.

– I wish the screen would bend back further so I could use it easier when on the bus or using in bed.

– Its pretty expensive, even thought I got it on Cuzin and avoided a lot of the shipping.

Overall verdict: Does the job, wish it was a little lighter 🙂

UPDATE:  the case ended up breaking which had to be replaced by Warranty and then a key is come out which won’t click back-in.  I have started to avoid using this cover as it creates more problems than it solves.