Really appreciate the feedback from my talk on Wednesday.

Chris Wakeford
Great meetup which gave me some great ideas..
Love to hear more from spiros.
Great informed generous man with his insights.
Start nest always impress me with bring great speakers to crowie….thanks team as always

The speaker Spiros was well-informed and candid in his speech and responses. Really enjoyed it. Thanks to Spiros, Jono and Start Nest!

Charles Richard
Was a bit book centric, but it was a great talk, very well presented. Would like to have heard more about publishing rich-media. Question time was Vibrant and intelligent.

Thanks for the informative talk. Annoyed I had to leave before questions finished, please pass on my thanks to the speaker.

Terry Hilsberg
Spiros did an excellent job at dissecting the issues invovled in the publishing industry. Well done. Terry