Today is our first wedding anniversary, and what a year it’s been!

I am so happy that Kirsten chose me to be her husband, she has made this year the happiest of years, together we have faced so many little challenges and come through it strong ending in the greatest triumph of all which is to produce our first beautiful child, Zoe Sophia Kotsialos.

Reflecting back on a year ago, what a great wedding it was for us. Many have not seen the pictures from that wedding, but watch this video and you will see what a magic day it was!

I can’t thank enough the people that made the effort and sacrifices to get to our wedding and share what was a magical time with us.  The ongoing friendship and support people continue to give us is invaluable, it definitely would not have been the year it is without all our friends and family being part of it!

For the record the challenges conquered 2013: Getting married, Selling the mini and moving to SUV, Moving out of the east, Moving, Spending a month in the village, Pregnancy, Me putting on 10 kilos, Me loosing 10 kilos, Pregnancy, New baby!

Now let’s kick it up a gear in 2014

Love you Kirsten