Productivity tricks are something I am passionate about, but sometimes I think the endless pursuit to be productive does not lead to happiness it only leads to frustration.   That is until I read this article on Lifehack, “How Happy People Work Their To-Do List”  and found out I must be happy.

The article lists 13 things that happy people do when dealing with their tasklist.

The list is:

1. Start Early
2. Reward Yourself Often
3. Tackle The Hardest Thing First
4. Factor In Procrastination Time
5. Add Some Basic Things To The To-Do List
6. Add Some Silly Things Too
7. Look To The Weather
8. Break It Down Into Categories
9. Make Sure You Have Time For Replenishment
10. Do It To Music
11. Don’t Add Everything
12. Go With The Flow

I agree with all of them and follow most of them (the early start being a struggle on occastions). The most important things in my view are: factor in procrastination time, add basic things to the to-do list, don’t add everything and tackle the hardest thing first.

Who else does these things I wonder and what is the list that makes unhappy people?  (I think it will have something to-do with people who manage their to-do list through email)